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Magadh University (MU) Affiliated Colleges List 2020

Magadh University
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Hello Friends, yadi aap janna chahte hain ki Magadh University ke kitne affiliate colleges hain aur aapko kis me admission lena chahiye iske information basis par to yahan par aapko Magadh University ke sabhi colleges ki list di jaa rahi jise aap dekh sakte hain niche se.

MU ke under 19 constituent colleges, 27 affiliated colleges, 1 Minority College and 44 Affiliated B.Ed colleges aate hain jinki puri list contact details ke saath niche di jaa rahi hai.

Us Se pahle jaan lete hain Magadh University ke bare me

About Magadh University ( MU )

  • Magadh University takes its name from the ancient Indian kingdom of MAGADH. The kingdom of Magadh existed in the same geographical area where the modern day states of Jharkhand and Bihar are located. In fact, the name of the state Bihar originates from the word “Vihar” that is derived from the Viharas (abode for ascetics and monks) of Magadh.
  • Magadh is enriched with the stories of many a great scholars from across the world, who had come here in pursuit of spirituality and knowledge. It is the land of Lord Buddha, the Sakya prince (Gautama Siddhartha), who shunned the worldly pleasures to become a monk in search of peace, truth and salvation. Buddha roamed the forests of Magadh till he attained enlightenment under the Peepal tree at a place that is now known as Bodhgaya. Buddha gave his famous Fire Sermon here to a thousand ascetics on the Brahmayoni Hill, known as Gyashish in his time, thus Bodh Gaya came to be known as the birthplace of Buddhism. Jainism as a religion also expanded from here.According to Jain scriptures, twenty two Tirthankaras attained Nirvana in the hills of Parasnath.
  • BodhGaya is in the Gaya district of Bihar and is just 16 km from Gaya town. Gaya is a holy place for Hindus. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims from all over the world come to Gaya every year to offer Pind daan (final offerings to their ancestors) and praying for their salvation.
  • The place continued to attract the spiritual energies in the later centuries also, and, Finally, Islam came to Gaya with Hazrat Ata Hussain Fani, a Sufi saint of the Chishti order. It is believed that he travelled to Mecca at a very young age, and was spiritually guided by the Prophet Muhammad to go to Gaya to spread the messages of Islam. He was also a poet and a great orator, later recognized as Hazrat Ata Hussain “Gayavi”.
  • The region stands on the pillars of the four major religions of the world, Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Islam and Bodhgaya is a mosaic of different cultures from all over the world. There are a number of Tibetan Exiles’ living in Bodhgaya in peaceful co-existence with the locals and people of other nationalities, including the Chinese; thus making this town a beautiful example of multi-nation, multi-culture, multi-lingual, and multi-religious people co-existing peacefully without any conflict thereby fostering the rich treasure of historical embodiment of Peace, Love, Compassion and Brotherhood.


Sl. No.College NamePrincipal NameMobile No. / E-MailWebsite
1A.M COLLEGE, GAYADr. Shailaj Kumar Sriwastava9931493595 amcollegegaya@gmail.comClick here..
2A.N.S COLLEGE, NABINAGARDr.  Arun Kumar9431617320 
3DAUDNAGAR COLLEGE, DAUDNAGARProf. Dadan Singh9473317652 
4GAYA COLLEGE, GAYADr. Dinesh Prasad Sinha9334136301 principalgcgaya@yahoo.comClick here..
5GAUTAM BUDDHA MAHILA COLLEGE, GAYADr. Jawed Ashraf7991152048 gbmcollegegaya@gmail.comClick here..
6JAGJIWAN COLLEGE, GAYADr. Kumar Rajeev Ranjan7250402673 rajeevranjan.coc@gmail.comClick here..
7K.L.S. COLLEGE, NAWADADr. Vinod Kumar9631032003
Click here..
8KISHORI SINHA MAHILA COLLEGE, AURANGABADDr. Rekha Kumari9431263850 ksmcollegeaur123@gmail.comClick here..
9RAJENDRA MEMORIAL WOMENS COLLEGE, NAWADADr. Phulo Paswan9199683430 collegermw@gmail.comClick here..
10R.L.S.Y. COLLEGE, AURANGABADDr. Vijay Kumar Sinha9507083088 rlsycaurangabad@gmail.comClick here..
11S.B.A.N COLLEGE, DARHATLLARIDr. Ramdhayan Sharma9939472171 
12S.D. COLLEGE, KALERProf. Deepak Kumar9135326166 
13S.N.S. COLLEGE, TEKARIDr. Jai Shankar Prasad9852307592 
14S.N.S. COLLEGE, JEHANBADDr. Arjun Sharma9473026757 snsinhacollege@yahoo.comClick here..
15S.N.S COLLEGE, WARISALIGANJDr. Shambhu Saran7070169553 
16S.S. COLLEGE, JEHANABADDr. Sudhir Kr. Mishra9771575743 
17S.N. SINHA COLLEGE, AURANGABADDr. Ved Prakash9661439055 here..
18S.M.S.G. COLLEGE, SHERGHATIDr. Arun Kumar Rajak9110097964/9708477472 principal@smsgcollege.orgClick here..
19T.S. COLLEGE, HISUADr. Meghan Prasad8405995392 prasad, 


1Mirza Ghalib College, Gaya110Dr. Hafizur Rahman Khan9934219700


1B.N.S. College, Sobh, Barachatti Gaya Dr. Sandhya Singh9470384521
2S.P.Y. College, Gaya121Dr. Uma Yadav9431224256
3M.S.Y. College, Gaya111Dr. vijay Ji9661543841
4Mahabodhi College, Belaganj, Gaya112Dr. Rajendra Prasad9931057611
5Mahavir College, Gaya113Kamlesh Kumar Singh9430072005
6R.L.S.Y. College, Gaya115Dr. Sudama Singh 
7S.D College, Paraiya, Gaya116Dr. Sankranti Pd. Sinha9431409398
8S.M. College, Bodhgaya Dr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari9431094968
9Wazirganj College, Wazirganj, Gaya123Dr. Geeta Prasad8083088707
10B.B.M. College, Okri, Jehanabad125Dr. Raj Kishor Pd. Sinha9431279942
11Sri Krishna Mahila College, Jehanabad130Dr. Ramadhar Singh9708979426
12Anurag Smarak College, Jehanabad124Dr. Om Prakash Singh7004181399
13Jehanabad College, Jehanabad Dr. C.B. Sharma9939912448
14R.L.S.Y. College, Jehanabad127Dr. Amrendra Kr. Yadav7667750971
15Fatehpur Sanda College, Arwal Smt. Dewanti Kumari9939035076
16R.C.S College, Kurtha, Arwal157Dr. Yogendra Pl. Yadav9939012725
17Shaheed Jagdev Smarak College, Kurtha129Dr. Birendra Prasad8541887476
18Krishak College, Dewdha, Pakribarwan129Dr. Shyam Sundra Pd.9973639110
19Mahila College, Warisaliganj, Nawada136Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh9939867870
20S.K.M. College, Nawada138Dr. Dewendra Pd. Sinha9122458953
21S.R.S. College, Nawada Dr. Shubhas Pd. Sinha9431290610
22A.N.S.M College, Aurangabad143  
23K.S.Y. College, Barun, Aurangabad  8409350302
24Maharana Pratap Coll., Dev, Aurangabad Satyendra Singh9955080712
25Mahila College, Daudnagar, Aurangabad150Dr. Sachidanand Singh9931852166
26Thakur B.D Sinha Janta College, Goh122Dr. Bhola Nath Singh9931494890
27Dr.Vijya Kumar Singh College, Rafiganj146Dr. Satyendra Kumar Singh9304261330


1Al-Momin College of Education, Cherki, Gaya302Md. Wali6326248220
2Magadh College of Education Dubhal, Gaya351Sri Sanjeev Kumar9308891881
3Mahesh Singh B.Ed. College, Kendui, Gaya111Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh9934479701
4Sant Malik Memorial Institute, Bajora, Gaya447Sri Shiv Ranjan9431224398
5Rameshwar Singh TT College, Gaya-823004449Dr. Vinay Kumar9431297239
6Gyan Bharti TT College, Cantt. Area, Gaya480Sri Ram Jiwan Sharma9934752159
7B.P. Azad College of Education, Chandauti, Gaya489  
8Brilliant Institute of Education, Bazaura, Gaya490Sri Bimal Kumar9934060019
9Magadh Teacher’s Training College, Gaya320Surya Narayan Rai 
10Allama Eqbal T.T. College, Belaganj, Gaya494Smt. Kausar Jahan9386084437
11DPS College of Education, Dubhal, Gaya493Dr. D.K. Pathak9934941611
12Teachers Training College, Industrial Area, Gaya303Awadhesh Kumar9955833555
13Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College of Edu., Bodhgaya318Vajendra Kumar Chaubey9199467600
14Gyan Prakash College of Education, Chirela, Gaya377Binay Kr. Singh9931447040
15Government T. Training College,Zila School, Gaya   
16Digmani B.Ed. College, Budhgere, Gaya-823003539Raj Kishor Pathak6203228637
17Jajba Teachers Training College, Khizarsarai, Gaya536Sri Anjani Kumar9934122141
18Bhabha Institute of Edu., Industrial Area, Gaya Seema Kumari9471003023
19Gyan Bharti College of Education, Tekari, Gaya541Sri Arun Kumar9431448688
20Regional College of Education, Wazirganj, Gaya537Rajesh Ranjan Sahay9470054265
21Mahabodhi TT College. Tapovan, Gaya353Rakesh Kumar8709205760
22B.P. Sheonath Prasad B.Ed. College,Daudnagar, Aurangabad376  
23S.B.P. Singh Memorial B.Ed. College, Deo, A’bad322Sri Abhay Singh9334117454
24D.P.R. Pandey B.Ed. College, Chitrgopi, A’bad452Uday Sharma9631706362
25Magadh T.T. College, Danibigha, Aurangabad342Sri Rahul Kumar Singh9431270508
26G.N.S. TT College, Navinagar, Aurangabad S.N. Tiwari6203857886
27B.L. B.Ed. College, Dhanhara, Aurangabad538Sri Amresh Kumar7781866910
28Sidhartha TT College, Court Area, Jehanabad Dr. Ajay Kumar9334139745
29Patel College of Education, Raja Bazar, Jehanabad354Anil Kumar Singh9431226080
30R.S. Welfare and Ch. Trust B.Ed. College, Jehanabad454Sambhusaran9431226112
31Late Kamta Pd. B.Ed. Coll., Hulasganj, Jehanabad521Lalit Kumar 
32Sai College of Education, Arki, Jehanabad Chandra Prakash9934167615
33Prakashpunj TT College, Ghosi, Jehanabad487Abhi Ram Singh9234955687
34Sri R.C.R.L. Narayan TT Coll. Kurtha, Jehanabad Smt. Kamla Devi9934609552
35Maa Kamla Chandirika Ji TT College , Jehanabad312Dr. Sanjay Kumar9334167615
36Sri R.S. Tilak Coll. Of Edu. Makhdumpur, J’abad Sri Indrajeet Prasad Verma9934992375
37B.B.M. College, Okari, Jehanabad544Raj Kishor9431279942
38Ganauri Ramkali TT College, Ind. Area, Nawada Shailesh Kumar9431227058
39Triveni College of Edu., Kunti Nagar, Nawada Dr. Anuj Singh9431227058
40Ravikant Poonam TT College, Dosut, Nawada532Ravikant Kumar9431261961
41Modern Institute of Higher Edu., Ind. Area, Nawada Ram Narayan9670835630
42Modern College of Edu.. Kunti Nagar, Nawada Dr. Vinay Kumar9431989427
43Jehal Prasad B.Ed. Coll. Pathra Englishpar, Nawada Dr. Sushmita Rai8328863338
44Sri Sharvan Kumar B.Ed. & DI. Ed. College, Kanap, Daudnagar,Aurangabd   

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