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English serves as a Lingua Franca for the entire world. It is important to communicate in a particular language that is comprehensible to most of the people of the globe for advancement of technology, business, communication, and international diplomacy. Academic research and education have enormous influence to make the entire world as a family. Therefore, a particular language is needed which is understood and spoken by most of the people of the world. English as a language is known to most of the countries in the world. If one has fluent English vocabulary then he can easily adjust to any part of the world. This also makes several occupations and options available for the individuals.

English is a subject that must be and will be present in all countries, irrespective of the fact that what their mother tongue is. This is a subject that gives you the freedom to choose any country. You can go through MA English syllabus to know what all is included in the subject. Any college you want to choose in any foreign country will have English as the subject and many times it might have several options. There are many options within the subject and if you have fluency and depth of the subject then finding options won’t be a problem for you. In most of these colleges abroad the competition, as well as the quality of education, is very high and recommendable. We can say that English is a subject with a lot of options as well as availability. It opens up various options for you once you choose the subject. 

It’s a great medium of communication. Therefore, most of the study materials are written in English so as to make the contents reach to everybody irrespective of their nationality. English is essential for the people who want to make the entire world as their abode for studies. Starting from lectures and academic works to research studies from experts all is communicated through English via media movies, interviews, and songs. Reading newspapers would also be helpful to you in multiple ways. You would get to know about the current topics, get to learn new words, would be able to understand the pattern of writing, grammatical rule, sentence formation and this would enrich your vocabulary. If at first, you don’t like reading the whole paper, make a point to read the editorial pages. These would help a lot and with passing time you can make it a habit to read the whole paper. 

In today’s world, English is a language that is very much respected and those who have good control over it are regarded as superior to others. They are considered as a perfect fit for any kind of job and they have a comparative advantage over others. English is considered the official language in many countries and people who have a degree in this language are in a better position than many others. In competitive exams also English plays a major role. There is a part entirely dedicated to the English language and grammar. This again makes us realize how important this language is. Thus people having a regular degree in this language definitely have the advantage to score well in these exams. 

Again, people who want to apply for jobs outside India must have a strong command over English. English being the most accepted language all over the world is the mode of communication with international companies and recruiters. If a candidate wants to join some company abroad then he must be fluent in English and there is the no better option to be strong in English than having a Master’s degree in it.

No one can impress an interviewer more than a person who has a strong vocabulary. Also, this would be very helpful during competitive exams where there is a whole section dedicated to testing the candidate’s vocabulary. Make a habit of reading at least ten new words from the dictionary before going to sleep and try to use them the next day while communicating. This will slowly but gradually improve your vocabulary as well as speaking skills. Now one doesn’t even need a dictionary as several apps are available in smartphones. 

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